I have always had love for taking pictures. I was the kid buying disposable cameras from Eckerd drug store in the 90's.


    In 2012 I bought my first DSLR Nikon because I had the feeling that I can be great as a photographer. I was doing this as a hobby while working a 9 to 5. It came to the point where I felt like I was spending to much time working for another company in a different field. In November 2016 I made the decision to leave my job and go full time with what I love to do. 

    This is my passion and I do this because I have major love for the craft. The thing that really gets me about what I do is seeing the reaction on the faces of clients when they see their final product. I give people pieces of me, my visions, talent and art when I capture still moments and video footage. These photos will remain in the homes of people and will be passed down through generations with a story to tell. That is my drive and motivation and thank you to everyone who supports JMV.




J.Mimms The Shooter 


Self Taught University 

est. 2012